Bag Organizer


710aHyryspL._SL1000_Anyone else who has a Bug Out Bag, Go bag, or any bag with lots of small stuff in it… You MUST give this product a chance.  As you can see in the picture I took it has a lot of ‘randomized’ straps all over one side, you can use different straps in different places to perfectly organize all the stuff you carry around.  We all know when you put lots of smaller stuff into a bag it all falls to the bottom and becomes a mess of crap.  The picture below is one way I sorted some stuff in one of my bags.   I’ve not tried but I’m sure it would work great for magazines and tools for firearms!

You can find this product online.  There are a few different brands I have found and a few different sizes.  This brand is Cladpigeon but there are many more.