Boys Pee Pee Stool

Until your child learns to aim very well while standing to pee, it is a very bad idea to put them on a tall stool.  Not only is it less stable, but it gives a larger margin for error.  By error of course we mean mess everywhere.  With some scrap wood and 10 minutes you can build a platform for them to stand on that will butt right up against the potty.

This allows them to stand as close as they want, it has a larger base so less chance of falling down while downing or lifting clothing.  Also by putting them only 3-5 inches lifted instead of 9-12 it makes aiming much easier and messes less likely.

It is a very easy project and It doesn’t have to be made perfectly.  All you need is a little plywood, and a little wood for making legs.  I used 1×2 board, only because I had it lying around.  You could easily use 2×4 laid on its side.  Cutting the curve in the plywood allows the platform to sit closer to the base of the potty therefore putting your child closer, also keeping it more stable b/c they don’t have to lean forward.

After you have the cut, just screw the legs on directly from the top.  Be sure the screws go far enough in that little heels don’t hurt when they step on them.  I pre-drilled the holes in the plywood to keep it from cracking along the edges.

You can leave it wood obviously (that’s what I did) or you can paint it to match the room (that’s what my wife did).

20160215_184039 IMG_20160408_1025466

Letting my son help put the screws in and holding the wood made him more excited to use the stand than ever.  Once my wife painted it green he quickly complained and said he wanted it red.  So my wife quickly brushed some red plaid.  She brushed it quickly so it would look crackled and worn, hoping it would look less like an xmas present…It still looks like an xmas present.


We put rubber bumper feet on the bottom of the stool to make it slide less and make it quieter.  They didn’t stay very well.  Sliding across a tile floor they would get caught in the grooves and came right off as you can see in the picture.  We have since removed them, if you have a smoother floor or better rubber bumpers this may work for you.

Remember when you’re making this, you wont need it forever, make it to work, make it to be thrown away.  I wouldn’t recommend spending 5 hours on something temporary.  Hence why I used scraps I had lying around.



If you make one of these, or something like this, please send me your pictures, I’d love to put them up here for others to see!