DIY Cooler Speaker




The ultimate Cooler…

Keep in mind you can add and remove stuff you do not want.  If you add something please let us know.  We would like to see new ideas!

Here’s what I used:

Cooler (smaller if you don’t want to use as a cooler, but want to use everything else)
-Coleman 6-Day 50 Qt. Ultimate Xtreme Wheeled Cooler (this one has wheels, GET THIS ONE! THIS THING IS HEAVY)

Marine Grade: Amp, Speakers, Aux input, waterproof phone bag, wires, volume knob.
-Pyle PLMRKT4A 4-Channel Waterproof MP3/iPod Amplified 6.5-Inch Marine Speaker System

Solar Panel (optional)
-Sunforce 50022 5-Watt Solar Battery Trickle Charger

Battery (deep cycle, not a lawnmower battery! Needs to be able to be charged over and over again.  I got a 35 amp hour battery (weighs a ton) from a local store called Batteries Plus. About $60

Lights (If your not going to hold food and drinks in the cooler, don’t get these, if you are getting a smaller cooler and just building a stereo these are pointless.)
-2x Pilot Automotive CZ-181W 15″ White LED Flexi-Light Strip

Bottle Opener (If you mount this inside then the cooler catches caps, but if the bottle sprays it goes into your cooler. If you mount this on the outside you will have to pick up your caps, but no mess inside cooler EVER.  I prefer it being mounted inside the cooler, but I had to shorten the strap that stops the lid of the cooler so it would not go past 90 degrees from the ground.  If the bottle opener is even SLIGHTLY sloped backwards then every bottle you open will spew.  Also when you mount it, glue it AND screw it so it is stable and will not rip out)
-Regular Stainless Steel STARR “X” Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Switches, You will need 2 if you install lights.  One to power the music and one for the lights.  Get the light up kind, and when you have to ground one of the 3 leads just send it to the negative on the battery.
-Gardner Bender GSW-42 Appliance Rocker Switch Lighted, 16A 125VAC, Single Pole Single Throw , ON-OFF, Spade Terminal, Red Light

Marine Grade 12 volt adapter
-Attwood Marine 12-Volt Power Outlet

Cord hiders, Hide the speaker wires at least. wouldn’t want them to get ripped out of the speakers.
-Wiremold C110 White Cordmate Kit

“In line fuses.”  I got 3 of these, One to keep the 12v adapter from overpowering, one to keep the AMP from getting too much power, and one to keep the 12v battery and solar panel from burning up the lights.
-Attwood In-Line Fuse Holder/ATO-ATC (10 Amp, 16 Gauge)

Bluetooth stereo Gateway (plugs into the input and allows you to connect to the stereo via bluetooth.  Worth every penny, literally, without this I would like this cooler so much less!)
-Bluetooth stereo gateway (works with any brand phone)



Was surprisingly easy to put together.  Cut 4 holes to fit the speakers using a ROTO ZIP. Was a piece of cake, I assume it would be harder with other tools but couldn’t be too much harder.

Drill a hole in the lid and run the solar wire through it, mount the solar panel.  It is a good idea to fill the hole with some ‘Great Stuff’ so it doesn’t leak rainwater and so it does a better job keeping drinks cool.

Mount everything where you want it to be.

Drill some holes in the front to hold the volume, switch, and “Master” aux input

Wire everything according to the directions in the product box.


Play music!