Kid Sprinkler

kid spray IMG_7111

Sprinkler carwash.


2x 10′ one inch PVC pipe – $6
3x PVC caps $1
2x T fittings $1
2 90 degree fittings $1
Hose to 1 inch PVC adapter $2
PVC primer and glue – $5
1/32 inch drill bit

1. Cut the PVC into 2 five foot sections, one 4 foot section and 3 two foot sections.
2. Glue so it looks like above.  The T fitting on the right has one of the 2 foot sections on one side and the female 3/4 inch thread to 1 inch slip fitting.
3. Drill between 10 and 25 holes 1/32nd of an inch.  Every couple holes you drill you should test your water pressure to make sure the pressure is not reduced too much.  Angle the holes you drill to make the water jets spray into the direction you want.Sprayer update

Hook it up and have fun.  This one will be used at the bottom or the top of a water slide for kids.  When there is no water slide hooked up they can run through it or take their bikes through it to have a “bike wash”



Improvement: Cut the top crossbar in half, added a $3 “repair coupling” that allows me to take it apart in the middle, therefore able to fit in any car and moved around.  Or just easier to store under the deck or wherever you want.