Kid Toy Holder




If you’re like us, you have more hanging toys than space to hang them to let your little one play.  Here’s what you need:

10 Feet of 1.5 inch pvc pipe, about $5
PVC pipe glue (hot glue, caulk, liquid nails, and elmers will NOT work), about 4 bucks
2 Right angle fittings, $1
2 T fittings, $1.5
4 caps, $2 (not necessary)
Painters tape or masking tape (if you want it to be collapsible)
Velcro straps, 10ft at Lowes was $4
Paint if you want it to look more decorative.

1. First cut the PVC pipe into 7 pieces:
6 one foot sections and the remaining 4 foot section

2. Glue one cap onto one side of 4 of the one foot sections, This is optional, helps it to sit more flush with the ground b/c of the added thickness of the T section.  Also it gives it a nicer edge and would hurt less to stub your toe on.

3. Glue 2 of the one foot sections that have caps into a T square so they are in one straight line.  Repeat with the other 2 capped ends and a T.  Remember, PVC glue is the only glue that will hold 100%

4. Glue the last 2 one foot sections into the T fitting so it is perpendicular with the capped sections.

5. Do not glue the 90 degree pieces onto the upright 1 foot piece.  Just pressure fit it for now.

6. Glue the 4 foot section into the 90 degree sections you already have placed onto the uprights.

7. If you do not want it to be collapsible now would be the time to glue the uprights into the 90 degree piece that is already glued to the 4 foot beam.  This ensures that both sides are perpendicular with each other.  If you would like it to be collapsible (why wouldn’t you?) then you can simply put one or 2 pieces of tape on the opening of the upright before pressing into the 90 degree piece. (picture 4) This will make it stable enough for a child to play with, to stand up using it as support, yet able to be forced apart to be shoved into a closet or car.

8. The reason we used velcro to attach the toys is so that any size toy could be hung.  Many clip on toys have varying sizes of holes, using smaller PVC pipe would have fixed this but then it would not have been stable enough to use as an aid for standing.

9. If you make one yourself please send us your build and ideas so we can put it up for others to see!!!


Have fun!