Phone Stand

There are lots of uses for a phone stand these days.  There are a bunch of them on the market but there is always a fatal flaw.

-For example, the ‘Keyprop’ that launched on Kickstarter, has a couple issues.  It is by far the best alternative, but here are some flaws: Its made to fit in a Lightning plug (Apple only) so it wont work on Micro USB or USB C charger phones except when you use the headphone jack.  This doesn’t always work for all phones or it holds the phone at an awkward angle.  Also, for many of us, we would use a kickstand when watching a movie.  Watching a movie drains battery and sounds best through headphones.  So the Keyprop will stop you from using one of these crucial items.

-Cases:  Some cases have kickstands built in.  If you just so happen to find a QUALITY case with a good kickstand, congratulations, most are awful quality or just ugly. Again with most case stands, they are not adjustable, one angle, deal with it.

-There are many other stands, most aren’t as convenient to carry around as the Keyprop, or are made to stay on a desk.

There is a better way, and its DIY goodness!

Behold, the charging stand!

This phone kickstand uses a couple little accessories readily available, all put together to form something even better.

Gear Tie – Zip Ties – Charger extension

  1. First is the Nite Ize Gear Tie, 3in.  You can find these at a hardware store, Walmart, cellphone stores, and Amazon.  You get a better deal when buying multiple and they have lots of great uses.  I personally bought a 5 pack and made 5 of these stands to leave on the end of all my chargers.
  2. Second thing you need is a couple zip ties.  Cheapest place to find these is from your hardware store in the electrical department.  they don’t need to be big, in fact the smaller the better.
  3. Last thing is the oddball, a very small charger extension.  These sometimes come with cases that have such a small hole that the original charger cord might not fit properly.

(Below the pictures are links to Amazon where you can find these products available)



On one side of the gear tie, you want to use scissors to cut one side of the rounded end to make it flat. This will allow it to rest better up against the adapter.


Pay attention to how your plug goes into the phone.  The flat side goes on the back on the phone in this picture.  That tells you that you want to attach the Gear Tie to the adapter side that has the flat part of the charging tip.
(If you have an Iphone with a ‘Lightning plug or if you have a phone with USB type C (LG G5), it doesn’t matter what side you use b/c those chargers are reversible)


Put the flattened side of the gear tie flat onto the adapter.  Make sure you attach it to the right side.  You want the gear tie to extend in the direction of the charging tip so that the kickstand will end up behind the phone.


Trim the leftover parts of the tie wraps.


Plug it into the phone and now you have a completed kickstand.

IMG_20160411_1512160 IMG_20160411_1512446 IMG_20160411_1513592

This kickstand works with big phones (note 5 and Priv pictured), with smaller phones (Core Prime pictured), and everything in between. It also can work at many different angles so you can find the viewing angle that works best for you, simply bend the Gear Tie more or less to adjust perfectly.


By using a small extension to build this project, you can still plug your phone in.  Or if you’re like me I built 5 of these and leave 4 of them plugged into chargers that I use often.  Next to the couch, on my desk, my and my wife’s nightstands.  As for the 5th one, I wrap it tightly around my key chain so I have it everywhere I want it.

—–Something else to keep in mind:  If you don’t need this to be mobile, you can strap the Gear Tie directly to your charger you already use.

Links to products.  I personally find you get a better deal when you make multiple rather than trying to buy one of each item used.

Gear Ties – – This is a multipack, Best deal I could find plus you get bigger ones to play with.

Zip ties – – Another assorted pack.  Cheaper to find at Lowe’s in the electrical dept.


Micro USB:

Micro USB to USB C:

Micro USB to Lightning: